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The Uniform Massachusetts Accounting System
Fall 2019 Class

Course Description
Last Updated: March 7, 2019

Course Description


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The Uniform Massachusetts Accounting System (UMAS) course is offered to municipal and school officials and private sector individuals and related staff that desires a basic course in current Massachusetts' governmental accounting. The course will focus on UMAS system as promulgated by the Bureau of Accounts in their updated UMAS Manual with recent updates to all chapters. UMAS is the “preferred” accounting system for municipalities; regional school districts; water, sewer, fire and other districts; and municipal school departments. The course integrates Department of Education budgeting, accounting and reporting requirements, the new reporting model, Statements No. 34 and 54 (Fund Balances) of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and water, sewer, fire, and other district requirements.  The six-day course consists of:

  • Governmental Accounting Principles
  • GAAP Financial Reporting - General Purpose Financial Statements Statement No. 34, Basic Financial Statements and Management’s Discussion and Analysis – for State and Local Governments
  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • UMAS Revised Manual, August 2007
  • UMAS Accounting and Reporting Overview - Schedule A
  • DOE Accounting and Reporting Overview – End of Year Report
  • UMAS Budgeting - The Tax Recap Sheet
  • DOE Budgeting - Schedule 19 - Net School Spending and Chapter 70 distributions
  • UMAS Accounting - General Fund
  • UMAS Accounting - Special Revenue Funds
  • UMAS Accounting – Permanent Funds
  • UMAS Accounting - Capital Projects Funds
  • UMAS Accounting - Enterprise Funds
  • UMAS Accounting – Private Purpose Trust Funds
  • UMAS Accounting - Agency Funds
  • UMAS Accounting – Long-Term Debt and Fixed Assets Accounting
  • UMAS Accounting - Fund Balance, Transfers and Net Assets
  • UMAS Accounting – Free Cash, E&D, and Year End Reporting
  • GASB 54 Fund Balance
  • DESE DOR Roundtable

Participants will work in class to understand UMAS basic journal entries and journal entries for each individual fund type and account group by posting general and subsidiary ledger entries.  The class will meet generally every other week for six weeks from 9 am to 4 pm and will be limited to the first 20 registrations. 

Dates: Fridays, September 7 and 20, October 4 and 18, November 22, and December 6, 2019
Location: Needham School Administration Building
Tuition: $999.00
CPE_credit_hours: 36

Faculty:  Mark D. Abrahams, CPA, President of The Abrahams Group, has taught the UMAS course for 30 years. He has assisted many Massachusetts communities and regional school districts implement UMAS based budgeting, accounting and reporting systems and GASB 34 financial reporting systems. He was recently retained by the Department of Revenue in 2011, 2012, and 2013 to update the UMAS manual and to provide GASB 54 guidance.