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June 4, 2019

Course Description
Last Updated: January 25, 2019

Course Description

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The EOYR Training class is a hands-on how to prepare your End Of Year Report. This class is recommended for new business managers, finance directors and district accountants who need help or a refresher to complete the DESE End of Year Report. This is a hands-on, how to do it class.

This training will provide a sample End of Year notebook which will contain sample budget reports and source documents that will be used in an audit.

Day 1-Half Day - The training will consist of a half-day (June 4, 2019) at which time participants will be provided with a sample End of Year notebook and an over of the End of Year Report. Below is the outline for Day 1:

  1. Over view of End of Year Report
  2. Review of DESE Chart of Accounts
  3. Explain Primary Documents
  4. Review End of Year Steps
  5. Review Notebook
  6. Budget reports
  7. Create your own notebook

Day 2-Full Day - A full-day (September 12, 2019) training session will focus on completing your EOYR with assistance. The outline for Day 2 is:

  1. Review outline for doing the End of Year Report
  2. DESE Information
  3. Explain how to use the Excel End of Year Spreadsheet
  4. Review printing
  5. Review checking budget sub totals and totals
  6. Begin entering Schedule 3
  7. Work on entering data into spreadsheet
  8. Follow outline for completing End of Year Report
  9. What are auditors looking for?
  10. Wrap Up


June 4, 2019, 8:00 to 12:00 or September 12, 2019, 8:00 to 4


Assabet Valley Regional Vocational High School, Marlborough, MA



CPE Credit

9 hours



Steven Hemman, Executive Director, MARS, has provided operational and financial services to Massachusetts regional school districts.

Mark D. Abrahams, CPA, President of The Abrahams Group, has taught workshops in school budgeting, accounting, reporting and finance for Massachusetts regional and municipal school districts for thirty years.

Mark Morriss, Business Manager, Southeast Regional School District.

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