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Basic Chapter 70 and Net School Spending Workshop

Course Description
September 8, 2013

Course Description


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The Basic Net School Spending Workshop (for Dummies) will be conducted on Thursday morning, October 10, 2013 at the Taunton High School.  This workshop is an introductory session on net school spending.  This workshop will review the ESE website on the Chapter 70 program and the foundation budget covering:

  • Net school spending regulations
  • Chapter 70 district profiles
  • Foundation enrollment
  • NSS compliance
  • Compliance supplement
  • NSS worksheet
  • Municipal costs paid on behalf of the school district (indirect costs)

This workshop will introduce the FY14 final Chapter 70 and net school spending requirement and provide an overview of how the foundation budget, local contribution, Chapter 70 distributions, required net school spending, and how the local contribution is apportioned to member districts. The FY14 numbers represent the eighth year of equity changes in the formula. Learn about the aggregate wealth model, your district's ability to pay, and whether you are above or below the target. Understand if your local contribution will increase or be reduced by a percent of the excess over the target. Learn about the categories of Chapter 70 aid and how that is calculated. In addition to the FY14 final numbers, you will understand the many components of education reform financing, the foundation formula, the regulations and guidelines, indirect costs and other important concepts.

This workshop is recommended for school and town officials or individuals who would like a net school spending overview or refresher.
Date: Thursday October 10, 2013
9 AM to 1 PM
Location: Taunton High School
50 Williams Street
Taunton, MA 02780
Tuition: $125.00 per individual;
$250.00 per municipality/district
CPE Credit Hours: 4
Instructor: Mark D. Abrahams, CPA, has taught this class for 19 years. He is the co-author of the Legislature’s Foundation Budget Review Commission’s Report on Chapter 70. He has also assisted many districts to better understand the Chapter 70 formula.

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For more information contact Mark D. Abrahams at 508 788-9172 or at, or visit this website periodically for further updates.